The ambiguity of spaces, the way planes appear and disappear, not defined but suggested by a small detail or a gesture of the paint, is at the heart of my practice. Reduced to subtle forms, I would like the viewer see an abstracted essence of land and sea. My process is one of using multiple layers of oil glazes to achieve depth of light and colour, while using the palette knife to add texture and definition. Painting for me is a contemplation of a place, a coastal location which I love to return to. 

The inspiration for the ‘ Copper' series of paintings came after a visit to an estuary near Hayle in Cornwall - I loved the remoteness of the location. I started thinking about the history of the copper mining industry that had taken place there so many years ago, it intrigued me, and led to my experimenting with new ideas and colours and the beginning of a series of paintings inspired by copper. Images of this work can be seen in Gallery 2017/2018.

The 'Carrick Roads' is a series of paintings inspired by the end of the ice age. The ice melt waters caused the sea levels to rise so dramatically that it created the third naturally deepest harbour in the world. It's an incredible event which gave us a beautiful and peaceful location very close to where I live in Cornwall. Images for this work can be seen in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2017/2018.

I love living in Cornwall with it's proximity to the coast and the inspiration it gives - I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

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© Copyright Nicola Mosley 2019 all rights reserved